Oh, Mallorca! One of the Balearic Islands just off the eastern coast of Spain. This island emerging from the crystal clear Mediterranean has to be one of Spain’s best kept secrets. 

Airbnb lead us to the quaint village of Fornalutx—a tiny town nestled in Soller Valley, comprised of endless cobblestone, lavish foliage, and humbling views. We were instantly spotted as Americans, ooing and awing at the mountains tumbling over us. Our Villa was only accessible by foot, as it was tucked away into the narrow cobblestone nooks that define Fornalutx. The remoteness of our home-for-the-week provided the perfect opportunity for us to immerse ourselves in the local lifestyle. We befriended a bartender, played soccer with the niños, and sourced our drinking water from the town center fountain.


 Each morning met us with a cappuccino and a new adventure. We explored secret beaches following scribbled down directions received from a local gentleman, rented a boat using only our broken Spanish, and tanned naked—just as the Europeans do—right before jumping off volcanic cliffs to swim like fish in the sea.

Not ready to leave, but eager for our next destination, we hopped on a plane to Naples, Italy, ready to drown ourselves in Bolognese.

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