Amalfi Coast

With absolutely no Italian in our repertoire, we may have arrived slightly less than prepared. We flew into Naples and immediately hopped in a cab to take us out to the coast of Amalfi. 

Unable to get in touch with our hosts, we set up camp at a boutique hotel (Hotel Restorante La Pergola) just up the bend from where our taxi had dropped us. It was here that we met Daniella, our Italian angel, who made our trip nothing short of magical. We stayed in a villa just outside of Amalfi—about a thirty minute walk from town center—keeping us removed from the tourist attractions and providing easy access to local hotspots and incredible food.


The steep coastline of Amalfi is adorned by elaborately winding roads, as well as bright houses and buildings that are surrounded by endless green, blooming with fruits and flowers. Known for their lemons; we were lucky enough to be invited to the rooftop terrace of Le Pergola to play in the lemon garden and soak up the majestic views offered exclusively by the cliffs of Amalfi.



Daniella scored us a boat for the day where we discovered our favorite view of the coast was from the water. We traveled with ease down to the grottos of Capri and back, stopping at remote beaches and restaurants along the way. We took naps, blared music, and snorkeled the day away, never without an immense gratitude for the present moment.


Luckily for us, we got to experience the first rainfall the coast had seen in three months. We were cooped up at La Pergola after finishing breakfast, waiting for a bus to pick us up and take us down to Positano; the town we knew we had to explore after ogling its beauty from the boat. After the third bus whizzed by—signaling that it was full—we jokingly stuck out a thumb as a car came our way. When the car stopped, we exchanged a few words with the driver, and decided to hop in and join him on his commute to work in Positano.



We danced in the rain, ate copious amounts of pizza and pasta and picked up little trinkets we knew we’d treasure forever in memory of our first trip as #TEAMELYSIIAN.


#NOAGENDA was created for the girls like us. For the spontaneous souls who absorb every moment as it comes and prioritize good company over all else; no plans needed.

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